No eating in the library.

I like to cook and I work in a library. This will be about food and libraries. Also videogames.
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Strapped for time in the mornings? You’re in good company. Once the alarm goes off, most of us leave very little time to spare for luxuries like a nutritious, filling breakfast.

Read more: Overnight Oats from Food52

Autumn is coming…


The 7th Annual What the Fluff? Festival, A Marshmallow Fluff Celebration

Easily one of my favorite parts about living in Somerville.



Crap, more shit I want that I don’t need.


Sonoran Hot Dog

A hot dog wrapped in bacon, grilled, placed in a bolillo roll and topped with beans, salsa, mayo, cheese and other condiments.


Ohmigoodness, mayo and melon?!??! Really!?!??!

If it’s Kewpie mayonnaise, I might be inclined to try it…

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vanilla souffle

photo by alwe

Good lord that looks delicious.


This tonkatsu recipe is best served with a tangy sauce drizzled on top, and it calls for a succulent pork cutlet crusted with panko breadcrumbs.

Tonkatsu Recipe | Fresh Tastes Blog | Marc Matsumoto

I love tonkatsu so much.  I was so excited when I realized you could buy that sauce for home use.