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I like to cook and I work in a library. This will be about food and libraries. Also videogames.
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 fluxmachine gifs

Artist Kevin Weir creates ghostly animated GIFs using Archival photos from the Library of Congress

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Kevin is awesome and I know him - you should check out is work.


Brazilian street art twins Os Gemeos completed this plane piece for the upcoming World Cup in one week only, using 1200 cans of spray paint. What do you think of the Boeing 737 painted by Os Gemeos?

I love their work - I am still bummed that their piece in Boston was taken down.  It was always meant to be temporary but every time I saw it I liked it more and more.


I’ve been seeing a lot of icicles lately, and they always remind me of Andy Goldsworthy.  He’s a British artist who makes natural sculptures, putting together twigs, grass, leaves and rocks with nothing but his hands.

These are moments from “Rivers and Tides,” a 2001 documentary by Thomas Riedelsheimer that follows Goldsworthy as he works.  The artist’s process seems like it would be incredibly frustrating (especially with frozen hands) but the delicately balanced results are amazing.

Cannot recommend him enough.  Truly incredible art.



Andy Goldsworthy |

Ice/Snow sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy.

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist producing site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings.

Be sure to check out Unknown Editors on Tumblr & Facebook.

Hey, Noeatinginthelibrary.

Holy shit, I love this man so much.  Check out the film Rivers and Tides to see him in action. 

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Judith, by Artemisia Gentileschi, a Roman painter in the early 1620s. Gentileschi was raped and actually prosecuted her rapist in court, and the trial went on for like seven months and she was verbally abused and harassed, she underwent a physical exam to prove her virginity, she was physically tortured to see if she was telling the truth, and her rapist was actually found guilty! But he was only sentenced to a few months of exile.
Shortly after the trial, the church said she couldn’t paint the Virgin Mary or any other religious depictions because they couldnt have someone who was raped painting things for the church. She then began painting things like this and in every painting she put the face of her rapist as the man being killed.

I did not know this, but was always a fan of her work.


In what may be my greatest art-related experience since I ate an entire family of live armadillos as a performance art piece back in 2002, I just finished curating the ENTIRE HALLOWEEN ISSUE OF JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE!
The issue hits newsstands all over the world in a few days on September 11, and I can’t wait to show it off. The issue is packed full of artists who have influenced me for years, as well as some newer artists that are creating their own worlds in every aspect of art from scribbling on paper to making video games. Evan & the rest of the Juxtapoz staff were amazingly supportive of letting me showcase who I wanted and how I wanted to do it, which means that the issue has a good-sized fistful of absurdity amidst its Halloweenishness. Pink vomit, human bats, M. Night Shyamalan, the internet, dog dicks, old men, and a comic book artist who tried to give The Joker a vagina are just SOME of the fun things included amongst the articles and art that I have gathered together for this issue. Also, keep your computers and phones tuned, as I, along with my fine surgically-attached brethren at Zerofriends, will be curating the online content of Juxtapoz as well. So please check out the Halloween issue of Juxtapoz when it comes out next week! You will make us all happy! And by all I mean the huge list of artists featured in it, which includes Sam Kieth, Dave Correia, Jon Wayshak, myself, Jhonen Vasquez, Nychos, Allison Sommers, L’amour Supreme, Edmund McMillen and so much more madness that I want to vomit on myself .

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These 8-Bit Butcher Diagrams Make Me Wonder What Koopa Tastes Like

Check out these illustrations by Jude Buffum for Giant Robot’s “Pixel Pushers” show sponsored by Scion.

From the artist:

I decided to explore the carnivorous side of the world of video games. Though I am still a meat eater, I have a lot of vegan friends and have been exploring the ethical, environmental, and health impact of consuming an animal-based diet. That, and my long-time obsession with butcher diagrams, were the inspiration for this series.

If someone told me they had a long-time obsession with butcher diagrams, I’d probably expect them to be a serial killer, so I’m glad Mr. Buffum channels his energy into making sweet art instead of cutting people up. At least as far as we know.


Vintage Portal 2 Posters

You can find all of the high resolution version over here